Reduce pain and speed up healing by stimulating stem cell production.


sp_system2The SomaPulse® is a portable pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) system. It safely assists in recovery from injury or damage to hard or soft tissue, bone, tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage, and complete organ systems.

Electromagnetic impulses are responsible for all the activity in our bodies – it’s what keeps our heart beating and brain functioning. When we are injured or sick, our cellular activity stalls. The SomaPulse™ introduces a magnetic field into the body, gently stimulating cells so that they can get back to normal. PEMFs have repeatedly been shown to reduce local swelling and inflammation, disrupt chronic disease states, and help to eliminate not only pain, but the causes of pain.

The SomaPulse® is unique from other PEMF systems because it was developed by an engineer who had done research for NASA on the stimulation of stem cells on The SomaPulse® is the only system in the world containing this unique signal design, comparable to that used in the NASA research. Stem cells are the body’s building blocks – like clay, they can be molded and formed into any type of cell necessary. By increasing our body’s production of stem cells, the SomaPulse® allows for true regeneration to take place, safely, naturally, and without side effects.

SomaPulse® Advantages

Because this signal was developed by a research engineer who co-invented it and was a co-investigator for the NASA Stem Cell Research study, this battery-powered, portable PEMF System with a very similar signal is considered to be effective and safe. It’s drug-free, non-invasive, and without known harmful side effects.

Pulse Generator

The SomaPulse® is fundamentally different from other PEMF devices. It is likely the only device that has an actually calculated and tuned magnetic pulse profile to induce electrical fields that make sense physiologically to the cells being stimulated. The pulse intensity and duration are carefully selected based on intensity and duration measurements and the repeating patterns of pulses selected are based on known motor-neuron stimulation patterns for musculoskeletal tissues. Learn more about SomaPulse® stimulation patterns.

Each SomaPulse® system has 2 major components – the pulse generator and the coils. The generator operates on a 9V battery and is as small as a deck of cards – it  can easily be placed in a pocket or strapped to an armband. It has a switch for 3 programs that all run the same stimulation pattern:

programs0 = Off position
1 = Standard intensity with 80 G peak, 30 minutes stimulation followed by 10 minutes of rest
2 = Higher intensity with 130 G peak, 30 minutes stimulation followed by 10 minutes of rest
3 = Higher intensity with 130 G peak, 30 minutes stimulation, no rest

Two Coils – Adjustable Stimulations Zones

The coils emit the magnetic field, and should be secured to the site of injury. Because the system is battery-powered, it can be worn during activity or rest, allowing for many convenient treatment options. During operation, the coils will also produce a faint clicking which is in tune with the magnetic pulses. Typically you won’t feel anything, unless you are very sensitive to magnetic fields.

fields_side_side 1

There are different ways to use the two coils; side by side, stacked (like sides together) to increase intensity, or opposite-side configuration. The illustrations below show different possible configurations. The magnetic pulses are effective up to 1 feet in all directions. Two coils stacked or opposite-side will increase the intensity of the magnetic field.

The SomaPulse® comes with two standard (20” cord) coil sets. Alternate available length options are 10” and 47”. Note that coils will eventually wear out or break. You can order replacement coil sets in our Store.





System Information – SomaPulse® P2a

Waveform Trapezoidal
Frequency 5, 100 Hz
Max. Intensity 130 gauss per coil, 200 gauss when coils stacked
Number of Programs 3
Program Duration Continuous
Power 9V Battery
Control Box 2.5” x 4”
Coil Diameter 2”
Warranty 12 months on control box only
Return Period 30 days
Restocking Fee $200
Video Dr. Pawluk

Video Set Up

What are Stem Cells?

PEMF-stem cells

Stem cells are very special, powerful cells found in both humans and animals. They have been called the center pieces of regenerative medicine – medicine that involves growing new cells, tissues and organs to replace or repair those damaged by injury, disease or aging.

Support Accessories

Rechargeable lithium 9V batteries last longer than traditional 9V batteries and save money (and the environment!) in the long run.

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Need more than an elastic bandage to secure your coils? There are various options when it comes to keeping your coils in place. In many cases, it may be easiest to purchase a wrap designed for a specific body part, and tuck the coils between the wrap and your body.

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