Science & History: Development of SomaPulse®

Magnetic fields (690x518)Development of the SomaPulse®

Since the 1990s, NASA has invested billions of dollars into research, including stem cell research. During the course of this research, NASA found first that a specific magnetic field signal dramatically increased stem cell growth, and later that the same magnetic field signal increased more than 120 tissue-growth and regeneration genes.

Armed with this remarkable research, Dr. Bob Dennis, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering (working with NASA, MIT, and UNC), co-invented the necessary signal. NASA patented it, and later Dr. Dennis was recognized on the patent as a co-inventor of the signal.

Once Dr. Dennis’s specific magnetic field signal was established, he revised it to allow introduction into the body in such a way as to mimic initial tissue stimulation findings. After more than 15 years of research and development of PEMF technology, radical design enhancements and miniaturization, and several new patents beyond the original NASA research, this technology is finally available to the public.

The result is the SomaPulse® – an American-designed system which allows the body to perform rapid self-repair. The SomaPulse® is the only system in the world developed by an engineer who invented the original signal used in the NASA Stem Cell Growth Factor research. This original signal is covered by several patents, including the initial patent issued by NASA.

Because of this precise engineering, the SomaPulse® quickly eliminates or significantly reduces painful inflammation and stimulates tissue healing; it fully supports the body’s inherent healing abilities while optimizing nutrient transport.

*The SomaPulse® is not supported or endorsed by NASA. The current SomaPulse® signal is similar but not identical to the signal used in the stem cell study.