Science & History: PEMF Stimulation


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Stimulation

Nothing happens in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between cells. Natural electromagnetic energy controls our chemistry – it’s what allows your heart to beat, your brain to process, your body to accept and use the food you give it. When this electromagnetic energy is disrupted (by a bruise or scrape, a tough workout, bad diet, or simply from getting older), our cells are impaired. When your cells aren’t healthy, your body isn’t healthy, in whole or in part.

By introducing a complementary electromagnetic field into the body, you can reestablish healthy electromagnetic exchanges. This is where PEMFs are so valuable – they stimulate all levels of the body. They are applied externally, and then fully penetrate the body – affecting individual cells which in turn make up tissues, then organs, then complete body systems.
During the healing process, we affect the physics of the cell first. The physics affect the chemistry, which affects the tissue. So dependent on the problem, PEMFs can address an imbalance quickly (as with a bruise), or work to bring about a change over time (as with organ system dysfunction).

The SomaPulse®, with its precise PEMF signal, directly affects the physics of the cell. It is particularly in tune with stem cells, which tend to travel to where they are needed in the body, furthering the healing process.