Science & History: Principles of Operation


Principles of SomaPulse® Operation

The SomaPulse® device works by using Faraday’s law of induction: the leading-edge of the magnetic field is proportional to the induced electric field. Simply put, the front end of the magnetic field causes an increase in the energy in the cell (charge). This is the same way electrical transformers and motors, as well as magnetic audio and video tape works.

Based on these known laws, the specific SomaPulse® magnetic field generates an electrical field in the para-cellular space around each cell in the right range of field strength and duration to cause a cellular response. These calculations are based on classical physiology where amplitude is equal to Rheobase (intensity) and duration is equal to Chronaxie (time).

There are at least 800 peer-reviewed papers supporting the fact that electrical shock and electrical currents can induce significant acceleration of repair in bone and other tissues (tendon and ligament). But the problem has always been (a) locating electrodes close enough to and properly placed around the bones to be stimulated electrically, and (b) the fact that free electrical current follows a random path of least resistance resembling a lightning bolt. A few cells directly in the path of the “lightning bolt” will be hyper-stimulated, while the other 99% of cells outside the “lightning bolt” receive essentially no stimulation. Yet, crude as it is, electrical stimulation of bone still has significant beneficial effects when applied properly. The scientific literature in support of this conclusion is very compelling.

The SomaPulse® solves these problems by using magnetic fields as opposed to electrical fields.