Science & History: Unique Stimulation Patterns


Unique SomaPulse® Stimulation Patterns

The SomaPulse® employs a carefully designed sequence of magnetic pulses programmed to introduce a magnetic field into tissues, primarily those experiencing pain or in need of healing assistance. The SomaPulse® is designed to safely promote healing in muscle, tendon, ligament, skin, and bone tissues. These tissues make up more than 75% of the weight of the body.

Drawing from his more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Dennis took the most effective stimulation patterns and boiled them down to three sequences. Experience from these electrical stimulation patterns was then converted to the necessary magnetic field patterns and how the magnetic fields needed to change over time to induce the desired electrical charge within the tissue being stimulated.

Then these magnetic field requirements were designed to be generated by the PEMF waveform generator unit to drive the magnetic stimulation coils. After testing various waveforms, it was discovered that a square wave was optimal. But it was not necessarily the most efficient. From an engineering perspective it’s almost impossible to generate a true square wave. Therefore, using engineering assessments, an optimized trapezoidal waveform was the result.

There are 3 stimulation patterns in the SomaPulse®. Each is based on research developed for different applications. Our understanding of what the body needs in terms of this stimulation is based on research (some published by engineers developing the system, some from clinical observations) and practical experience.

From this research and experience, it is known that stimulation of muscle leads to nerve stimulation, which stimulates bone and therefore all the intermediately involved cells, too. We have fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles. Stimulation of both of these muscle types is necessary to appropriately stimulate all the muscles of the body, or over those areas where the magnetic field is introduced.

The three patented stimulation patterns in the SomaPulse® are:

  1. Simulated slow-twitch stimulation (for stem cells and slow-twitch muscle activation and contraction): 5-10Hz electrical square waves tuned to produce the necessary magnetic field trapezoidal waves between the coils. These primary electrical square waves are single electrical pulses alternating positive -> negative -> positive -> … with a 200 ms delay between each pulse to yield 5 pulses per second, with an effective rate of 10 Hz – this is the same frequency and waveform as used in the NASA stem cell/gene study, alternating polarity.
  2. Simulated fast-twitch muscle activation and contraction: Short bursts of electrical square waves, one burst each second, repeating for the duration of the second stimulation pattern (10 minutes). Each burst is comprised of 5 electrical square wave pulses at 100 Hz, then a rest period for 1 second, repeat for the duration (10 minutes). All pulses are unipolar (not alternating polarity as above).
  3. Exactly the same as #2, except with the opposite polarity for the electrical pulses.