Testimonials: Chronic Back Pain

50+ year old male

After suffering a low back (L4-L5) injury 9 years ago, life was pretty limited. It was painful to sit and stand. Driving was extremely difficult. Within 30 minutes of using the SomaPulse™ for the first time, the pain decreased from 10 out of 10 (10 being the worst) to 3/10. Now after 10 months with the SomaPulse™, I can do 90% of life’s activities for much longer periods of time. Using a Wii Zumba belt I can carry it safely, and have it running on my low back when driving, sitting at work and other activities. It has given me my life back. Of particular importance to me is that it dissipates the barometric pressure changes that used to cause significant lower back pain. I had to do without it for a few days and most of my pain returned, especially that due to the barometric changes. I couldn’t wait to start using it again.

82 year old female

Chronic low back pain created difficulty sitting and walking. She had tried many other therapies and did not want to use painkillers. Within 24 hours of starting the SomaPulse™ almost all the pain was gone and she felt more flexible and much less irritable. She is very happy with the results which she has shared with friends and family.