Testimonials: Deep Cut from Trauma

Deep cut from car accident

I am a 38 year old working mom, and until recently have enjoyed a healthy life. Two months ago I was involved in a horrific car accident – I was a passenger and the vehicle rolled over. The accident happened in a remote area, so it took 2 hours before an ambulance reached us, and then another 2 hours before a surgeon looked at my injuries. Time was not on my side.
I bruised the entire right side of my body and experienced severe head trauma. One of my more obvious injuries was a deep cut through my upper lip, nearly reaching up to my nose. I was concerned that I would be left with a noticeable scar on my face.
When I got out of the hospital, my husband convinced me to use his SomaPulse™. I understood from him that the SomaPulse could stimulate healing and reduce scarring, so I started using it right away. I used it for 30 minutes in the morning and as much as I could in the evenings and on weekends.

Day 1


Day 5


Day 10


Day 14


I was sure that this wound would take months to heal, and as I said, I was worried about the scar being misshapen and discolored. The SomaPulse™ changed all of that. As you can see, I have made tremendous progress in just 2 weeks. My doctors are thrilled and a bit surprised at how quickly my wound is healing. I plan to continue using the SomaPulse™ until my scar has completely healed, and whenever a new injury pops up in our household, it will be the first thing we reach for!