Testimonials: Distance Bicyclist

60 year old male athlete

“I might believe that that magnetic contraption of yours actually was responsible for propelling me to a new personal best 300K time on Saturday. I finished 191 miles in a touch over 12 hours, averaging more than 17.3 mph on the bike. My time was 45 minutes FASTER than I had done on the same course with better riders a couple years ago. Of course, the weather was perfect and the two riders who rode with me had no magnets (but they DID have somebody to draft). I put the electrodes on top of my quads. I didn’t really “feel” anything, but the riding did seem easier and faster and it seemed like I could go much longer and harder. My average speed at 100 miles was the same 17.3 average and the ride got hillier, so I did not seem to slow down much if at all.”