Testimonials: Nail Damage

27 year old female

image001“I smashed my thumb during a move. It was extremely painful and my nail began turning colors pretty immediately. Even my cuticle was turning colors, and I had a cut on my skin. I felt certain that I was going to lose my nail, and was concerned about the new nail forming, too. I began wearing my SomaPulse™ rings around my thumb 2 days after the injury. The color became much better, and the pain went away very quickly after using the SomaPulse™. You can see the dramatic difference in color in these pictures. The first picture was taken the day of the injury, the second picture taken one week after the injury (5 days after using SomaPulse™), and the final picture was taken 3 months after the injury. You can see I did not lose my nail, and as an added bonus, my nails have gotten longer and stronger, and I don’t have hang-nails anymore! The SomaPulse™ will always be part of my first-aid kit now.”

Dr. Pawluk’s notes: With an injury at the side of the nail near the matrix, there is expected to be a major disruption of the nail at least at the edge of the nail, if not the entire nail. What this patient did with the SomaPulse™ was to limit the damage to a small clot under the nail, which will eventually grow itself out, as we see in the final photo. Normally, the nail would have lifted up and separated from the nail bed at the site of the injury. The damage did not extend to and damage the matrix, limiting further damage to new nail growth.

Cate L. – Wheeling, IL