Testimonials: Marathon Runner

Marathon runner

I am a recreational runner who turned 50 last year and to celebrate this I wanted to run the Chicago Marathon. My runs average 5 miles and longest I have done was 10 miles, so I needed a good training program to prepare my marathon. Knowing Dr. Pawluk for a long time, he advised me to use the SomaPulse™ before and after running on places that usually feel sore after a long exercise. Usually my hip and knees. Since I already own a full body PEMF system (Medithera), he also recommended to use this for 8 minutes before my runs to improve circulation in my entire body. I was highly impressed with the initial results, felt more energized and noticeable relief of soreness after my long Sunday runs.

My training program went very well and I was able to finish my first marathon in October 2012. I was actually wearing the SomaPulse™ controller in my hip belt and tucked the coils in my shorts to treat my thigh muscles. I was wearing these stretchy running tights, so the rubber coils staid in place throughout the race. Of course my body ached afterwards, but to my surprise there was no muscle cramps during or after my marathon at the locations where I had placed the SomaPulse™ coils. They surely work! I highly recommend them to anybody for improving sports performance and for faster recovery.

Mark K. – Chicago