Testimonials: Torn Meniscus & Tendinitis

DrPawluk_FaceI, Dr. Pawluk, use the SomaPulse™ consistently. About 3 months ago I partially tore my left lateral meniscus and had mild swelling and soreness of the knee. This was made worse with walking. When I walked, my knee would click. This was indicative of swelling inside the knee from the injury. I wore the SomaPulse™ inside a brace through the night for about a week and when walking my usual 3 miles per day. I had an MRI showing a mild meniscal tear. The orthopedic surgeon wanted to inject me with steroids and I declined. Instead I used the SomaPulse™ for about 3 weeks and had complete relief of the swelling and the discomfort. I also have some arthritis in my right great toe, related to my family history of bunions and kicking soccer balls with that foot. Using the SomaPulse™ in a sock over the toe nightly for only 2 to 3 nights, dramatically reduced my discomfort and made it easier to do my daily three-mile walks. I also have tendinitis in my left shoulder, which bothers me at night when I place my arm in the wrong position. Using the SomaPulse™ over that tendon under a T-shirt for about an hour a day has reduced my shoulder pain by 90%.

William P. – Baltimore